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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Phi Sigma chapter accepts applications from homeschooled high school students from grades 9-12 that fulfill the membership requirements.

What are the membership requirements?

Per ESA guidelines Phi Sigma chapter requires all applicants to provide proof of one of the following test scores:

  • ACT 26+

  • PSAT 1200+ (or 1090+ for 9th grade)

  • SAT 1200+

  • CLT 88+

  • CLT10 91+

  • Stanford 90% + on total battery

  • Iowa ITBS or ITED 90% + composite

  • TerraNova 2 (CAT6) 90% + total score

Phi sigma also requires members to maintain a 3.5+ GPA on their high school transcript.

How much  does it cost?

Phi Sigma chapter collects an annual membership dues of $65. This fee includes the annual ESA National Home School Honor Society dues.

What are the member expectations?

Phi Sigma chapter expects members to:

  • Maintain a 3.5  or higher GPA

  • Complete 10+ hours of community service from Aug-May

  • Participate in at least one group service project

  • Attend no fewer than 80% of the monthly meetings

  • Submit membership dues upon acceptance or renewal each year

What happens in the monthly meetings?

Phi Sigma chapter holds meetings once a month from August to May. Meetings consist of a business meeting following parliamentary procedure, conducted by elected student officers. Most meetings will also include either a speaker program, service project, or event.

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