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The Covid-19 pandemic is causing some testing dates to be cancelled. 

The only tool we have to assure that our members meet the criteria for membership is a test score that is NOT proctored by a parent.

Therefore, to help those who are struggling finding a testing site, we have updated our Testing Policy to include online testing at home or other location.


1. You CANNOT test at home under the supervision of a parent or guardian. An adult test supervisor may administer the test in your home, provided your parent is not in the room. You are welcome to test at another person’s home or business. This rule applies to both paper tests and online testing.

2. When submitting an application for ESA admission, include a signed statement from the test supervisor.

3. This statement must attest to the facts that the student received no help from anyone during the test and that he/she accessed no “outside materials” during the test time.

4. It must show where the test was administered, by whom the test was administered and his/her relationship to the student, and when the test was administered. Sponsors will accept these signed statements along with the proof of test score. ESA reserves the right to contact the test proctor to verify the statement.

Online Tests: IOWA, Stanford, TerraNova, SAT family of tests, CLT family of tests, or ACT family of tests.

Students still MUST have a test score to join ESA. Please follow the standards for the tests scores.

Please understand that this is an unusual time in our history. However, we must uphold the integrity of our testing policy to insure that the high standards of ESA are maintained.


  • A test score of 88 (CLT), 97 (CLT 10), 97 (CLT 8); 1200 (SAT), 1200 (PSAT), 1170(PSAT 10), 1090 (PSAT 8/9 for a 9th grade student), 1020 (PSAT 8/9 for an 8th grade student); 26 (ACT), 26 (Pre-ACT 10);  a 90% composite score on the Iowa ITBS or ITED);  90% on the total battery (the score listed under the National PR-S or PR column) on the Stanford; or 90% total score (listed under the NPR column) on the Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) 2nd Edition  nationally normed standardized achievement tests is required for ESA membership. When taking the Iowa ITBS, Iowa ITED, Stanford or Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) the complete battery including science, social studies, language arts, spelling, reading, mathematics, and vocabulary must be taken. We do not accept the basic battery or core battery for admission. The test score must come from one test. Section scores from different tests may not be combined to achieve the required test score for membership. Although some college scholarship applications accept super scoring, we do not.

  • NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR ANY ONE! Student must meet the above criteria to be admitted to ESA.

  • Test scores must not be more than 1 year old.

  • All tests must be administered in a group setting if a parent is helping with the test administration. If a group setting is not possible, a non-family member may administer the test in a one-on-one setting, as long as the parent does not have access to the test.  Parent administered tests are not acceptable.

Homeschool Eligibility – Only those students who meet the HSLDA definition of a home schooler are eligible for ESA membership.  This rule states that a student must complete 50% of his/her studies at home under the direct supervision of the parent. Co-ops, group classes, and even community college courses are acceptable as long as the 50% rule is followed.   Students enrolled in public school programs, charter school programs, full-time college programs, or other programs where more than 50% of the school time is spent in the supervision of a school setting or where the public school receives 50% funding for the student’s attendance or where the public school system, umbrella school, on-line school assigns the grades without parent participation, are not eligible for ESA membership.

Information for ESA Members – We are pleased to announce that Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas has established a $1000 scholarship for ESA members.  If interested, contact the University for more information.

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